Story Behind Cars 3 #Cars3Event

Have you ever wondered how a movie plot comes to be? While in San Fransisco for the Cars 3 Event, I got to hear the story behind Cars 3. First things first, this was an extremely interesting story. It was great to hear how each person got involved … [Read more...]

Cars 3 Road to The Races Tour DOLE Pineapple PitStop Smoothie

I'm sure you've seen by now that there is a Cars 3 Road to the Races tour. Its a magical event that is open to the public. The tour is going around nationwide. It does have several sponsors that have dedicated spaces inside the tour space. Each space … [Read more...]

Lightening McQueen Slime & Cars 3 Activity Sheets

Slime is a huge hit in our house right now. But so is Cars 3. I wanted to combine the two loves and create a way to play for both kids. So now we have Lightening McQueen Slime! The slime is super easy to make but please remember to help your child … [Read more...]

Summer Learning with Pixar in a Box Thanks to Cars 3

While visiting California for the Cars 3 Event, I got a reintroduction to learning with Pixar in a Box. The first time I learned about this great program was during the Inside Out event. I fell in love with it then and it's just become a new way of … [Read more...]

Sonoma Raceway Tour, Ride Along & Cars 3 #Cars3Event

The best part of my trip to San Fransisco was going on the Sonoma Raceway Tour, Ride Along and learn about the Cars 3 Legends Characters. This was truly a once in a lifetime, dream come true happening. It was so much fun and education packed into one … [Read more...]

VROOM! Into LEGO with Cars 3

As you know I'm loving Cars 3, I love all there is to see with the series of movies. It's started an obsession in our life that we just can't escape from. Racing is in our blood now. I can't wait to share more and more about the Cars 3 movie and my … [Read more...]

Pixar Animations Tour #Cars3Event

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for Pixar Animations? Ever wondered what the campus looks like? How the buildings are set up to let maximum creativity flow? While in San Fransisco for the Cars 3 Event (an all expenses paid trip) I got … [Read more...]

Spirit Riding Free #Giveaway

As much as we would like to not be stereotypical in our house, unfortunately it just seems that certain kids are more drawn to certain things. Charlie is more into cars and wrestling while Rae prefers dolls and animals. It's just the way it is. … [Read more...]

Captain Underpants Comes to Theaters

When I first heard of the book series Captain Underpants, I thought no way would I let my kiddos read this. I mean the name sounds hysterical but I was worried about what the kids would learn. I eventually gave in. Mostly because Charlie had checked … [Read more...]

Rugrats! Welcome to my childhood Giveaway

Rugrats! This was my show as a kid! Did you know it's now available Inn DVD? Welcome to the Rugrats Season 1 & 2 Giveaway. You can read all about Seasons 1 & 2 here. Open to the US Only and you must be 18 years + to enter 4/22-5/2 … [Read more...]