Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Short

We adore the Frozen movies. From the full length feature to Frozen Fever, they've given us values we can believe in (family first), laughs as Elsa sneezes tiny snowmen and of course Olaf who loves everyone and loves warm hugs. Now we get to see … [Read more...]

Marvel’s Black Panther Teaser Trailer

Marvel Studios is back with a new hit coming in February of 2018. We have a look at the Black Panther Teaser trailer. Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER follows T’Challa who, after the death of his father, the King of Wakanda, returns home to the … [Read more...]

Coco New Trailer

I'm loving the diversity that Disney has been showing. From princesses of different ethnicities to characters that are openly gay, while I may not agree with some choices, I love that Disney is encouraging all people and including them. Coco is a new … [Read more...]

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Giveaway

We fell hard for the new Disney Beauty and the Beast movie. Just this weekend we found a few of the Beauty and the Beast dresses on sale at Kohls. Rae picked this love mint green one for her birthday dress. We also have a Disney's Beauty and the … [Read more...]

Cars 3: Will McQueen Stay Champion?

While in San Fransisco for the Cars 3 Event, we got to hear from Producer Kevin Reher, Director Brian Fee, and co-producer Andrea Warren. I loved hearing how their love of these iconic Radiator Springs characters took a new life with new characters … [Read more...]

Cars 3 Activity Sheets

It's almost time for Cars 3 to come, Just 11 more days. Will you be in the seats on opening day? In case you didn't know there's a great deal right now at Toys R Us where you can get 5 of the Cars 3 diecast cars for just $15. We grabbed a ton this … [Read more...]

Mandisa Out of the Dark CD

I fell in love with Mandisa at a concert a few years ago. I know I had heard some of her songs but never really knew who she was. I hadn't taken the time to think about the singer, just the lyrics and how much they had touched me. I was sent an … [Read more...]

Story Behind Cars 3 #Cars3Event

Have you ever wondered how a movie plot comes to be? While in San Fransisco for the Cars 3 Event, I got to hear the story behind Cars 3. First things first, this was an extremely interesting story. It was great to hear how each person got involved … [Read more...]

Cars 3 Road to The Races Tour DOLE Pineapple PitStop Smoothie

I'm sure you've seen by now that there is a Cars 3 Road to the Races tour. Its a magical event that is open to the public. The tour is going around nationwide. It does have several sponsors that have dedicated spaces inside the tour space. Each space … [Read more...]

Lightening McQueen Slime & Cars 3 Activity Sheets

Slime is a huge hit in our house right now. But so is Cars 3. I wanted to combine the two loves and create a way to play for both kids. So now we have Lightening McQueen Slime! The slime is super easy to make but please remember to help your child … [Read more...]