The Final Word on Miss Violet

yarnI have allowed the comments to keep going because I feel that everyone involved should be able to speak without being deleted.

This could have been solved very quickly by talking to us. Some have said we should have done more research before we bought into this yarn club. I sort of agree with you on that. We should have done more research. The problem is that someone as well known in the knitting world you would never think they would run out on you, say you are likened to a drug addict or that we are whiny babies.

I have seen the plurks and comments about starting new projects and good luck to Miss Violet in that. However I would warn any companies thinking of starting a joint project to take a minute and think. Other then a few hits to my site what have I gotten out of writing these posts? Nothing. I did not receive a dime from these posts, I did not get an answer to my questions. I was removed from the message boards BEFORE my membership was sold and I was removed from seeing or being able to respond to any plurks. I’m sure if I had questioned on Ravelry I would have been deleted there as well. So I got nothing out of this other than letting my voice be heard in a space that could not be censored.

I have sold my membership in the yarn club. As promised I did not receive a penny of this money. That was not how this was started. As proof to all of those who have said that I am less than trustworthy I give you some photo proof of the donation. I blocked out the purchasers private information for her protection:


I have found some friends out of this ordeal and I stand beside them as they continue to fight to get answers. I cannot understand how Miss Violet would state that she had no idea that the September packet was not on the site as so many of us asked about it.

I hope that those still in the club and those that have just bought into it actually receive what they are supposed to. I’ll be waiting to hear if you receive a shipment this month. There is supposed to be a shipment before the end of the month which is just 10 days away. Unfortunately I highly doubt it. I have seen the “new shiny” too often now and feel that you’ve probably gone to the side while Miss Violet works on pencils, a different yarn club or something else she’s thought up to side track her from her actual responsibilities.

On a more positive note:

For those looking for something great to watch/listen in on make sure you check out Carin and Round the Twist. Carin (a familiar voice) takes on a videocast about her knitting and spinning. I love to see her projects evolve and her Mother’s Christmas present is just gorgeous. Almost makes me want to knit socks.

I also got some great hints for Indie dyers and I’m in love. I had visited Lisa Souza’s site several times but never could quite decide on an actual skein. The problem was just too many fantastic colors. I am now working on a scarf in the Mardi Gras colorway and I love it. The skein gave me quite a fit while trying to wind it but totally my fault not the yarn. I tried to wind it without the swift. Not a good idea.

I also am the owner of a new skein of Shulk from Dyeabolic Yarns. The greens are perfect for Charlie. I just have to find the perfect hat pattern. I’m in love with her Kettle dyed bubblegum colorway as well.

I have joined the Enchanted Woods Lace Shawl KAL from The Unique Sheep. It doesn’t actually start until January 10th but we did receive a gauge swatch pattern. I’m in love with my Cherry Blossom colorway in Tinsel Toes.

At this point I’m moving on. There is too much negativity in this ordeal and I surely do not want to drag myself to her level. I have my own work to do and projects that need my attention more.

The Miss Violet, Intention Yarns Club Saga Continues


I’d like to start by fully addressing some issues brought up in the comments on the first post.

Yarn Clubs in General and Indie Dyers: I would not say this has soured me on yarn clubs or indie dyers. While I have not purchased another membership due to money constraints. I have however bought some Indie dyed yarn recently as well as eyeing some others. (I’m loving this Flamingo.) I have seen several yarn clubs that look interesting as well as being run well. In January last year there were a few other clubs I was debating, I chose to go with the Intention Yarns because I “knew” who was running it, I had already purchased yarn from this line as well as this dyer and I loved the idea behind it.

Being Anonymous: While I’d like to see people actually stand behind their comments, I do not delete comments, I do not edit comments and I do not make it so you cannot leave an anonymous comment. I can however tell you that you really aren’t anonymous to me. If you visit this site (not whether or not you leave a comment, just visit) I can see your IP address and can see exactly where you are. Between your IP address and Google Earth I can even seen exactly where you live. As for me being anonymous, I have no qualms about telling you how I am. You can clearly search this site and see all sorts of things about me, my husband and our children.

Getting a Refund: There is no hope there. I have called Paypal. The only thing they can do is put a note on her seller’s account. Enough of them and she will have her account closed. I have contacted Visa but due to the age of the charge they cannot investigate it.

Selling my Membership: I have already said on Ravelry that I would be happy to sell my membership. Obviously Miss Violet would like to see it sold. However, I will not sell it for the three remaining shipments as I have not received all of what I was supposed to get with the third shipment. Anyone willing to pay the $145 for the last 4 shipments please let me know. You can send payment through Paypal but I’m sure you will not be getting what you think.

UPDATE ON SELLING MEMBERSHIP: As this is not now nor has it ever been about the money to me. Any purchase of my membership will be done by making a donation to either St. Jude’s or to Kennedy-Krieger in Baltimore’s Traumatic Brain Injury fund in my nephew’s name.

Suing Any of Us for Slander: Let’s start with the definition of slander.

From Webster’s:



1. defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2. a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.
3. Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.
–verb (used with object)

4. to utter slander against; defame.

–verb (used without object)

5. to utter or circulate slander.

So in order to sue any of us for slander it would have to be proven that we were defaming her. In case anyone’s curious the definition of Defamation according to Webster’s:


–noun the act of defaming; false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another, as by slander or libel; calumny: She sued the magazine for defamation of character.

UM Yeah. I can guarantee without a doubt NOTHING I have written on this subject has been false or unjustified.

Taking Money Under the Guise of Using it for Something Else: I had heard about the “flight/legal fund” but did not donate. (If for some reason this link goes to a 404, let me know. I have screen shots.) Notice the quote marks, these were Miss Violet’s own words. She held an “unraffle” to raise money. There were at least two other people that donated yarn and held a private raffle on the blogs Crafty Girly and Lawrence. There was also a Chipin that raised money. Reader stated that I should not have brought Miss Violet’s marriage into this. As it was already pointed out, I wasn’t the one to do this Miss Violet was. Two of the sites above clearly state this money was to help Miss Violet leave her husband. While it is her business if she chose to stay with him, all of that money should have been returned as it was given and intended for different purposes.

UPDATE: As the “unraffle” post has magically been deleted. I will glady post a screen snap of the page. You see I never post something that can be easily removed by someone else without having proper proof.

intentions1 copy

The September Packet: Several people have told me that in fact the September packet has been placed on the site and has been there for awhile. These are people NOT in the club. They have received this statement from Miss Violet. Hate to tell you this, before you blindly believe someone know the facts.


Deletion of Posts: On this private message board, I have seen numerous posts from people who were extremely polite and asked for just a status update. Those posts were deleted. On Ravelry people have started topics to have them archived. Feel free to say what you will about me but I do allow everyone to have their own opinion and gladly welcome the opportunity to have someone show me where I could be wrong. I have stated before and will state again, I do not delete comments and do not edit them.

So let’s dialogue and not lay blame on those of us that sent a payment for something we have not received and have not received the COMMUNICATION to let us know the status. All we have asked for until now was to be told the status.

I will also reiterate that I can see where you are and will happily share that if I need to. In other words, to the person that privately emailed me to state “You are nothing but scum and people like you are the cause of the club going downhill. You should be ashamed of your piggy little self. I can only hope that you choke on your next doughnut.” if I receive another email from you I will happily share our private information with the world.

Miss Violet and Intentions Yarn Club

I’m irked. Okay beyond irked I’m pissed. I have been knitting for almost 4 years. Just after learning to knit I started listening to the Lime And Violet Podcast. I loved the candor. Loved the humor albeit somewhat vulgar at times. And mostly I loved the knitting. Although Miss Lime has somewhat disappeared in the last year or so of episodes Miss Violet continued on. I held her in such high regard. From her podcast I knew some of her personal history and was awed by her spirit and nerve. She kept moving no matter what. Now? I have no respect for her at all.

Steve has a hard time figuring out gifts for me. I usually buy them for myself and he says thank you. Last year for my birthday/Christmas I asked him to please look into the Intention Yarns Club. He did and told me it looked good. I then purchased this yarn club. It was NOT cheap. A total of $215 for 6 shipments of yarn and goodies. My biggest reason for buying the club was because I loved the idea behind the yarn. Each colorway is named with a specific intention in mind. The idea was that as you knit with the yarn you would think about the intention. There was to be a special message board forum to work on our intentions together. There was to be a shipment every other month and with that shipment would be exclusive patterns and a charity to work with. So much for that.

I can whole heartedly understand personal matters/illness arising but communication is key. According to the site specifics:


Once you sign up, a confirmation email will be in the e-mail you used within a few days, and the first shipment will be in the mailstream by the end of February, 2009.

Schedule is:

Should there be any delay in shipment, you’ll be notified right away. (Just thinking about the Incredible Exploding Appendix Incident of 2008, and making a few plans, just in case, see.) 🙂

The bimonthly newsletter will be delivered to you via PDF so that you can print them if you’d like, or save a tree and read it right online. We’re trying very hard to keep this as eco-friendly as possible. (Patterns will be paper patterns in your bi-monthly box, however. We’re looking for a local green printer as we speak. We’ll keep all members posted.) Newsletters will go out roughly one week after the last box is shipped, to avoid any spoilers for those who love surprises, unless we can figure out a way to let you download it when you get the box. We’re working on that, too.

Our first shipment was to arrive in February it did not. It was late with the pattern arriving about 2 weeks after the yarn. April’s shipment arrived in late May with the pattern arriving about 4 weeks late. The June shipment arrived in September. The pattern packet? Still missing. Several of us have written emails, DMed on Twitter and sent messages on plurk to be ignored. Seriously who does this? Someone that I have held in such high regard has treated us like crap. As we were not getting any response on the private message board and often having threads deleted, one of the girls set up a Ravelry group. Now we are being called mean and horrible people because we just asked when we were going to receive what is rightfully ours. As my payment was made through Paypal I contacted them. Because of the way the service is they will not get involved. I am praying that I can get a response from our credit card company. I don’t want a full refund I want answers. Since they are not coming I am publically requesting that Miss V step up to the plate, communicate with us, send us our packet for September’s shipment, let us know where the December and remaining shipments stand or give us back our money.

Anyone that would like to help you can find Miss V (Eliza Metz) on Twitter: @missviolet Plurk: Missviolet and on ravelry
Maybe with enough people sending messages/blogging we will get a response. Although I have lost all respect for this once highly regarded member of the knitting community.

UPDATE: I have sent more messages today to be ignored. Yep its a holiday but here’s how I can prove that we are being ignored: iyc1


You can clearly seen Miss Violet has seen our emails. I asked early this morning if one of mine would be answered. That plurk was deleted. This made me even more upset so I plurked again, to be deleted again. Plurked once more and it too was deleted. ALL within minutes of each other. So yes Miss Violet you are seeing this and you are ignoring us. That is theivery in my books.

I have also posted the following on the SpiritStitching forums:

I’m sure this post will be deleted but that’s fine. You have to at least read a little before you do delete it. I have stood by and silently watched. I have seen members be angry and upset (Rightfully so) that there is no communication with us. We faithfully sent over our money only to have you go back on your word. I am angry and hurt. We have sent emails, we have twittered, we have plurked. We’re not asking for blood. We just want some communication. I am contacting my credit card company on Friday to see about filing a charge. If they are unable to help me I will file a claim in small claims court. Luckily for me Greensboro is not that far away and I can easily make the trip to retrieve a refund of half of my payment. Or you can step up to the plate and do what is right. Talk to us, give us the patterns for September, let us know the status of December’s shipment OR refund all of us our money.

I’m sure this will be deleted too. But eventually there will be an answer.

After seeing Ann’s comment I went back to plurk. As there are several messages I chose to copy and paste instead of doing screen snaps:

missviolet responds briefly to the off-topic one: Yes. Yes, it is. Every time I say anything, I’m blasted for it, and honestly — I’ve given up.
missvioletsays I put a *lot* into this, even when *nobody* was responding other than to bitch about the color or the patterns or the sometimes-three-day
missviolet delay in shipment, and honestly? Doesn’t matter what I say or do. This thing is a fiasco, and there’s no point in putting myself in the
missviolet line of fire for those people anymore. 2009 has been an exceedingly difficult year, and things are late. I can only apologize so many
missviolet times, and be told how fucking horrible I am for it so many times, before it just doesn’t matter anymore.
missvioletsays You’ll get what you paid for, minus the community, because clearly, these folks aren’t interested in that *nearly* as much as they’re int
missviolet erested in bashing the person trying to give it to them. On the plus side, they’re getting their community by all getting together to talk
missviolet about what a shitty human being I am for not getting them their yarn on schedule, so really? Bonus for them.
missvioletis sick and tired of the trolls and the slander and the bullshit on ravelry, and will be exceedingly happy when this is all over. I’ve met
missviolet some really nice people through this, and THOSE are the ones I’m holding onto. People who randomly plurk about my shittiness are just the
missviolet demotivators, and i’m trying to see them as such so I can get the rest of what I’m doing — valuable, *important* things I’m doing — done.
missvioletsays So really? Plurk away. Tell everyone how crappy I am and how this has melodramatically *soured* you on any other yarn club EVER and how
missviolet I should be ashamed. Then I’ll go off and work hard on enhancing the lives of people who actually appreciate it.
missviolet waits for this to be cut and pasted to the ravelry group of evil. (Which, by the way, I’m talking to a lawyer about. It’s brand infringe-
missviolet ment, and, in some posts, slander. Just so you know.)
rennfamilysays at least you have said something to me. As all my other methods of contacting you have gone unanswered. I’m sorry it has come to this.
rennfamilysays if you had just talked to us when asked it would have not been all this evilness.
rennfamilysays and I did not cut and paste to rav but to my own blog. Where I am free to speak about this issue in hopes of getting a response from you.
rennfamilysays my plurking was not randomness. I sent you an email regarding this over 2 weeks ago and got no response.
rennfamilysays That is why I simply asked earlier about my email getting answered. OH yeah don’t see that plurk because you deleted it.

I will directyou to the statement

I put a *lot* into this, even when *nobody* was responding other than tobitch about the color or the patterns or the sometimes-three-day delay in shipment

Obviously I must have been on another planet.  Because not a single shipment arrived in the month that it was supposed to. In fact we should be receiving our final shipment in just a few weeks and instead will only be receiving the fourth with two more still to come.

There’s One Word for This . . .

It’s BLISS! I finally got some knitting finished. I used my Intention Yarns first club shipment to make myself a Scrunchable Scarf. Oh and is it fabulous. So soft and fluffy. 


I am anxiously awaiting our  next shipment. But while waiting I’m working Cherry Bomb from Big Girl Knits in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. 

Needle Felting

I had a blast this weekend needle felting. I ran over to Crazy For Ewe where Ellen taught us how to needle felt. It was such fun (Even with the broken needles and punctured fingers ROFL)
Ellen did an awesome job of teaching us. My birdie needs a little more work but for now he’s perched upon my needles.


I joined the Intentions Yarns Spirit Stitching Club. We got our first club shipment and I’m in BLISS.
It’s such a wonderful concept. We’re waiting on our patterns and newsletter due to some technical issues. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us. There were some items added in the package that we’re not quite sure what they are for. There was a gorgeous red beaded bracelet with Chinese characters on it. Charlie has decided this is his and I have to keep finding it and taking it back.
This particular colorway is absolutely gorgeous purples and greens. I’ve decided to make the Scrunchable Scarf for myself. It’s pretty rare that I make something for myself. I’m working it on size 3 needles and have a good 2-3 inches started.
So what makes you feel blissful? What colors would you use to describe bliss? How often are you lucky enough to enjoy some bliss in your life? Just being with the kids and Steve are enough to make me pretty blissful. Add in some knitting or a really good book and I’ve reached Nirvana. Purple and green are pretty blissful to me, maybe with the right shade of pink and blue added in. I have some pretty good moments of bliss each day. Some are ones everyone would enjoy. When both kids are playing/napping quietly and I can get something else done. Some are more obscure like that time at night when everyone else in the house is asleep and I can just think for a few minutes before nodding off.

Finally Finished

Finally finished some objects.

First was the Undulating Waves Scarf from Laura Nelkin. It was knit with Schaefer Heather in the Renata Tebaldi colorway. I love the concept of their yarns. This selection was named after famous women in history. You can read more about Renata Tebaldi. She was a well-known opera singer.

The scarf was a new concept for me as I knit with beads for the first time and actually blocked something for the first time. I know you’re supposed to block everything but so far my projects just haven’t needed it. This time though it was a necessity. The beads weave back and forth through the knitting to give the wavy look.

The second finished project was this gorgeous shawl.

The pattern is called Dragon scales and it is from Carissa Knits. It was a quick pattern and was easily memorized. I made it with Dream In Color’s Starry in the Wisterous colorway. It was just fantastic to use. And the pattern was just irresistable when you see the yarn as it has tiny strands of silver running through it.

Both objects will be donated to St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. They are having a silent auction/Spaghetti Dinner with the proceeds going to the youth groups for their trips and other activities.

I am still progressing on the February Lady Sweater. I am almost done with the yoke and getting ready to section off the sleeves.


So I’m rocking the baby to sleep when I hear the mailman show up. (Thankfully he did not ring the bell.) Come down stairs and it’s pressies for ME!! My order from the Loopy Ewe has arrived. So exciting. I received a set of stitch markers:

and of course YARN. Yummy, squishy, fabulously colored yarn. And to top it off this yarn has INTENTION. Miss Violet of Lime and Violet podcast fame came up with the idea of Intention yarn and I was overcome with the idea behind it. Unfortunately I was too late to actually get any at the time. So of course as soon as I heard about the club I bought straight into that. Due to life our first club shipment is delayed. But the Loopy Ewe got an order in and I quickly grabbed 2 skeins that I felt I needed right now. Peace and Healing. Aren’t they gorgeous?!?! The color is a little off in the pic. Peace is a bit darker and healing is more green. I’m can’t wait to get my club shipment now.

To read more about Intention Yarns visit: Intention Yarns Oh I just can’t wait to knit some but work is calling.