Lightening McQueen Slime & Cars 3 Activity Sheets

Slime is a huge hit in our house right now. But so is Cars 3. I wanted to combine the two loves and create a way to play for both kids. So now we have Lightening McQueen Slime! The slime is super easy to make but please remember to help your child … [Read more...]

Let’s Color Together Book

I received a Let's Color Together book to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. Adult coloring books are all the rage over the last few years and with good reason. They are wonderful stress relievers! Spending a half hour coloring those … [Read more...]

Choo Choo, Coming through- PlayTape Classic Rail Series- Here, There, Everywhere!

With all the goodies out for kids these days, it's hard to impress me. However, the PlayTape Classic Rail Series is something so genius, #boymoms (and #girlmoms!)everywhere can rejoice. Despite throwing charity donation birthday parties and going … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Our Pet Party & Kitten Race!

While Holly is at the big, ok HUGE “Finding Dory” event in LA, my family and I also getting ready for a very big party! My son and I will be throwing a joint birthday party for our wonderful dog who thinks he’s a kid LXZander and our sweet little … [Read more...]

The Perfect Summertime Bash- Throw a Tye Dye Party!

Summer time parties are always the greatest. It’s so much easier to pick a weekend with nice weather and just let guests mosey around outside than to worry about inviting too many people into a house you have clean. Even food … [Read more...]

A Spring Gift

  We’ve been a little busy lately- we have a small farm, so right now we’re busy with our regular spring maintenance, planting, and of course who can forget baby animals everywhere! We’ve got ducks in the bathtub, chicks in the mudroom… … [Read more...]

DIY Easter Egg Dying Craft…

Ever run into the dilemma of not having Easter egg dye kits? Well this year was the first time ever I didn’t have any in my stash that I usually keep each year! I love getting them on discount right after Easter each year but I guess I forget to get … [Read more...]

Easter Crafts for the Kids

We all know that kids love to get messy and doing crafts is a great way for them to do it. With Easter in just a few weeks I thought it would be a good idea to grab some great ideas for Easter crafts for the kids. Bunny and Chick Candy … [Read more...]

Getting Crafty with Disney Princess Crochet Kits

We are a crafting family. Right now Rae is learning how to sew. With tons of help she has started putting together a jelly roll strip quilt. But my love always has and always will be yarn. If it involves yarn, than that is where I you will find me. I … [Read more...]

15 Easy Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

It's always fun to have a ton of crafts to do with the kids. I have always loved making things with the kids and it can be small things to hand out to their friends or bigger presents for their teachers. They even love to just make stuff for around … [Read more...]