Cars 3 Driven to Win

Cars 3 is the hit movie of the summer and WB Games is allowing fans to get into the movie with the game Cars 3 Driven to Win. They sent us a copy of the game to test out on the Xbox One.
cars 3 driven to win
These are Charlie’s thoughts on the game:
Cars 3 Driven to Win was a fun game in which you had the choice of the characters Lightning McQueen, Sally, Guido, Cruz Ramirez, Mater, and Ramone. They are the first characters unlocked at the beginning  of the game. Then you unlock these characters in various ways; Jackson Storm, Bobby Swift, Brick Yardley, Ed Truncan, a pink rookie race car driver i do not know the name of, Natalie Certain, Chick Hicks, Mater the Greater, Arvy, The Rambulance aka Dr. Damage, Mrs. Fritter, Junior Moon, Louise  Nash, Smokey, River Scott, Mack and my personal favorite The Fabulous Lightning McQueen. The race part gives me the whole Piston Cup feel which I love as a NASCAR fan and go-kart racer. Then the battle mode reminds of battle and favorite game before this one Cars 2. So that’s what the game is about different modes, characters and obviously racing cars and trying to win.

I like this game because of the whole Piston Cup vibe. It takes in some race cars that people don’t even know the names to and puts them into the games and there priority level is boosted by about 20, for example that pink rookie race car. The fact that you race on Fireball (Roberts) beach in at least 2 different races it just makes me so happy how they symbolize iconic NASCAR racers.

Here is just some small adjustments that may make the game better. Maybe some more characters. I understand that they can’t have every single character but at they same time they have Guido without Luigi. This is just one of those pairs you just can’t separate without people noticing. You have 7 race cars at least round it to ten. Also maybe have the last level earlier as a easier level in the game (I may be wrong about this because I have yet to finish the game but I’m pretty sure the last level is the Flordia 400 or 500).
cars 3 driven to win
We were lucky to have WB Games also sponsor a giveaway for one E-code for the game.
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  1. I’d like Xbox 360!

  2. Chao Yeh says:

    I would pick Nintendo Switch.

  3. I’d need the Playstation

  4. Or Nintendo DS

  5. amanda whitley says:

    i would need xbox one. my kids would be thrilled

  6. sherry fowler says:

    xbox one

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