5 Reasons Every Family Needs to Visit KidsFest Kings Dominion

When you first think of KidsFest at Kings Dominion, you may immediately jump to younger kids and it’s not a great idea for your 10- 11 year old. I’m happy to say that’s not the case for our family. This past weekend we were invited to participate in KidsFest. We were given tickets to the park in exchange for sharing our thoughts on the park itself. I wanted to make sure you knew all the fun things happening and thought I’d give you 5 reasons every family needs to visit KidsFestKings Dominion. While we were there last weekend, KidsFest is also happening next weekend as well. KidsFest allows extra access to the characters from Planet Snoopy.

kidsfest kings dominion
1. NEW RIDES: For us there are a few rides in the Planet Snoopy area that are too small for us. Planet Snoopy was enlarged over the off season though and there are a bunch of new rides that are perfect for all ages. The very first ride we rode on was Sally’s Sea Plane and it was fun for the kids. It’s a quick ride in a yellow seaplane that goes around in the air a few times before landing quietly. From there, Charlie headed to Joe Cool’s driving school where you received some driving instruction before hitting the road complete with stop signs and traffic lights. It was so cute to see the really small kids obey those traffic signals while the older ones kind of did some California stops!

Other new rides include the Kite Eating Tree and Peanuts 500.

2. Arts and Crafts. There were a few stations set up around Planet Snoopy for the kids to do special arts and crafts. Rae loved the sand art section. There were choices to make though. Each child could chose between a key chain, necklace or bracelet to make. All supplies were included and you had a nice shaded spot to sit for a few minutes while creating.

KidsFest Kings Dominion

Sand Art made by Charlie at KidsFest Kings Dominion

3. Balloon Twisters. Mickey’s Magic Shows was at the park and provided balloon creations for all visitors from 12-5. She did some pretty amazing work! You can even see her make Charlie’s sword in our video below.

4. Brickfest. Brickfest is the largest LEGO traveling exhibit. I loved that it was set up all over Planet Snoopy. One area was straight building. There was a nice large pit of green 2×4 bricks to build with and a table that you could leave your creation at and then on the other side there were several small sections of DUPLO bricks for the younger builders.




As we strolled through Planet Snoopy we also found a glow in the dark brick area and the special build area. In this are you had a space where you could build on the walls but as you wove through the area you were given a special diagram and plate. They asked that you follow the diagram to create a piece of the mural. We realized quickly that we were helping to create the Planet Snoopy logo.

5. Firsts. Whether it’s the first time heading to Kings Dominion, the first visit to Soak City (The amazing water park that is included in your admission price), the first time playing a carnival style game (There were several in Planet Snoopy that were only a $1 and a guaranteed winner) or the first time on a ride you’ve dreamed of. There are so many firsts that can happen and Kings Dominion was a perfect place for a first for us. Charlie loves NASCAR. It’s not a secret and we love it. His favorite driver of all time is Dale Earnhardt Jr but he loves Dale Sr as well. Two years ago we went to Kings Dominion and Charlie was too short. Last year we ran out of time. This year Charlie finally got to take on the Intimidator. This massive roller coaster lasts almost 2 minutes as you skyrocket 305 feet in the air, go 91 MPH over 1500 feet of track. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go with him (OK I chickened out) But Charlie proudly rode it and loved every second of it. I think he loved the plaza almost as much as he loved the ride. There are several billboards chronically Dale’s career, one of his race cars, an amazing photo of him and of course the logo in the middle of the ground.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand, and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.


  1. The Peanuts characters are adorable. We’d love to meet Charlie’s sister, Sally, someday!

  2. The kids look like they had a blast! You too, mom! This looks like SO much fun! The Peanut Characters are a cute touch!!

  3. Looks like you all had so much fun!! My son would definitely enjoy this amusement park 🙂

  4. Looks like so much fun! I know my kids would really enjoy this amusement park

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