The Sharper Image Literati Review

Introducing The Sharper Image Literati

From The Sharper Image:

Our Digital Reader gives you instant access to millions of reasonably priced and nearly 2 million free book titles from the Kobo bookstore. Extremely portable, the Literati Reader goes wherever you go, and integrates with your computer and smart phone. With the Reader device, you can turn the page, and adjust type size and the screen brightness with the touch of a button on this 7” color screen.

Our Thoughts

A few years ago I purchased a Kindle for myself. It was my Christmas present and I have used it on an almost daily basis. My problem is that I love to read with the kids. It’s a calming activity that requires quiet. The Kindle is great for adults but is far from kid friendly. Because we live in the middle of nowhere I often have my eReader in the car with me.  If we have to wait to be seated, wait to get our hair cut or any other form of waiting, the kids will be kids and get anxious. I often pull out the eReader and read a book for them. With the Sharper Image Literati, reading on the eReader is fun for the kids. We’ve recently been able to start reading chapter books. A quick 15 minutes of reading at night in a few days we’ve got a book finished. The kids were excited to be able to read The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. While the book is not overly filled with illustrations, it does have one or two every few pages. the kids were able to stay involved and loved to see pooh in full color a feature not available on the Kindle.  We were waiting to be seated at the restaurant the other night and the kids were being cuddly. I pulled out the Literati and we jumped right back into the store of Pooh. Now we got some looks from other patrons but it was more because we were reading with our kids, didn’t have the cell phones out, didn’t have a gameboy, didn’t have headphones on and of course some it was because the kids complained when it was time to go sit down and they had to turn the book off.

The Literati would be great for all ages. Imagine your teen with their required reading books. I know when I was in school we had to read such classics as Tess of the D’ubervilles and Little Women (Two of my all time favorite books that are free with the Literati). These books are great reading but the books are longer and can be cumbersome to carry. Having a whole collection of books in one compact space makes reading easier.

Feature Kindle Literati
Color None Full color
Night Reading No Contrast can be adjusted to be able to read in the dark.
Ease of Downloading books Easy to download however finding books can be difficult, especially if you wantto search solely for free books Easy to download. Special tab for Free books as well as New and best sellers
Navigation I honestly prefer the turn page buttons on the Kindle. But navigation within the menus can be tricky. I had to look up the directions last night in order for my mom to get to the beginning of a book. The turn page buttons are rather sensitive. I have onseveral occasions accidentally turned pages.

Navigation within the menus is simple and quick. Even without a manual a user could find what they werelooking for.

Overall Impression Page turning is easy but overall thereare several features I need to read that are not built into the Kindle. Other than the page turn buttons I am in love with Literati.

I can easily search and download via Kobo. The kids are able to enjoy a book with color. Steve can enjoy a full night’s sleepwithout my light interrupting him.

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“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of The Sharper Image and received a Literati eReader to facilitate my review.”


  1. Anne S. says

    Thank you. I’ve been wanting a Kindle vs. Literati review. I’ve been wanting an e-reader for sometime now & I have a friend with a Kindle but no one I know has a Literati. My husband actually found it first and now I know it’s the one I want!
  2. Christy says

    I wish I could say I am enjoying my Literati however for two days now I have been trying to download books and am unable to do so. When I plug in my Literati to my computer the Literati shows Plugged In.. Remember to eject your ereader from your computer before unplugging the usb cable. There is nothing prompting me to download books. Can anyone please help me.
    • Susan says

      I recently received the Literati for Christmas and so far am liking it. I initially had to enable the wifi by entering a network address and password ID # from my computer. Once that was taken care of downloading from Kobo bookstore was easy. Battery seems to run out quickly so I am charging it fully today and will see how long it lasts. All in all i like it but have not used the kindle to give it a fair comparison.
  3. rebekah arnold says

  4. Ashley A says

    I wish people would delve a bit deeper when they’re doing product reviews… if only my parents had I wouldn’t have gotten the headache of a ereader that is the Literati. I can’t sync it without losing my previous books, it barely syncs with the desktop application and (even that is like finding the Holy Grail), and it has the most insufferable method of promising you things and then saying,”whoops, don’t know why that doesn’t work, if the problem persists (and it will) contact customer support (who won’t return your calls or e-mails)!”
    Please… until Literati gets its act together find some other reader to occupy your blood, sweat, and tears.
    • Holly says

      I’m sorry you’re having a problem Ashley. What number are you calling for customer support? I know they recently changed their phone number and maybe that’s the problem. I know we’ve had a few issues but customer service was able to help us right away and even called me back after the one incident to make sure it was working. That incident was completely my fault too because I didn’t charge the Literati all the way.
      • Ashley A says

        I’ve been trying to call this number: (866) 204-4714
        And I have also used the e-mail form on their website on several occasions trying to elicit some sort of response. Nothing.

        Also, now I’ve been trying for two weeks to find the so-called “free” books in the free section and most of them are up to a dollar!

        Still losing my books, still not syncing with my computer, still can’t sync documents or other e-reader files, and still haven’t heard from customer support.

        The worst is going to book club where all of my friends have Kindles. Not that Kindle itself doesn’t have its own problems but not a one of them has had the frustrating journey that I have had with this monster.

  5. Tammy Whisenant says

    I also just bought the ereader and tried downloading books on it yesterday after that it won’t come back on even reset it. Still only comes to the Literatil screen and doesn’t do anything else. Can anyone help please.